The Benefits of Rebounding

By: Karen | 5 Comments | | Category: health and fitness

Awe… the joys of rebounding (aka jumping on a trampoline). How could something so simple and so much fun be so good for you? Well, it turns out there are many benefits to rebounding. As described by Dave Scrivens, Certified Lymphologists, “The lymphatic system is the metabolic garbage can of ... more

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Health Benefits of Grounding

By: Karen | 0 Comments | | Category: health and fitness

Have you ever noticed the tingling sensation rising up from your feet through your body during a barefoot walk on a warm sandy beach or on cool wet grass on a dewy morning? That revitalized feeling you felt at the end of your walk was the result of electrically conductive ... more

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Himalayan Crystal Salt

By: Karen | 4 Comments | | Category: food and nutrition

Salt is fundamentally essential for your life, you simply cannot live without it. In fact, salt makes up a significant portion of the liquid inside and outside of your cells. Unfortunately, most people are unaware that there are major differences between common table salt and natural health-promoting salt. Common table ... more

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